• Thomas Knepshield

March 27, 2021 - Randleman, NC Thunderstorm

Did not expect storms today. I was at Krispy Kreme getting my free donut (COVID Vaccine Card Promo) and saw a severe thunderstorm warning popped up west of Greensboro. I initially thought it would hit Summerfield, but it was moving due east. I stopped by the house, grabbed my camera and made my way south to a place between Greensboro and Randleman. Did not think I would make it in time, but I was able to catch it ten minutes before it passed. After driving through some rough patches of the road, I found a spot to hang out. There were a few close range lightning strikes which freaked me out as I pulled in and one struck a tree less than 100m away. My adrenaline was pumping and I was excited to sit through the first big storm of the year. The winds were nuts and I could not see a thing out of any window. Had to be 70mph winds and they were rocking my car. I got nervous and pulled the emergency break. After the strong winds and intense winds brought hail. It started out as pea sized and slowly grew to be a bit bigger than quarters. I jumped into the back of my car because I thought for sure the sunroof and windshield were going to crack (that was my goal). Quarter sized ice cubes at 70mph didn't break it. Nice! As soon as the hail stopped, I sent in a picture of the size and location of the hail. Also, I submitted my first Spotter Report through RadarScope. WhooWhoo! This chase was a success and it really made me feel like I could do it. It was so beautiful. Lastly, my car earned the many mini dents in the hood. I'm proud of them. Mileage: 38

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