• Thomas Knepshield

March 18, 2021 - Greensboro, NC Tornadoes

Cleared my Thursday to chase a giant moderate throughout NC, SC and parts of Georgia. The Day 1 SPC outlook changed to have a small moderate around Wilmington, NC. The clouds in the area stayed and it was looking like that bit was going to be a bust. Checked Pivotal Weather for more insight and found out the real threat was where I originally planned to camp: Mebane, NC. As I was nearing my exit, there was a nice storm heading for Greensboro. I kept driving that way and was able to catch the circulation over south Greensboro. If there was a tornado, I was in it. Blinding rain and strong winds made it a difficult drive. After following it around, I packed my stuff and drove north-east to follow it. 2 more tornadic storms popped up but storm motions were at 50 knots which was hard to catch. A few tornadoes touched down today and I spotted a wall cloud from one of them. Didn't do much today but drive all day. Should have stuck with my gut and stayed close to home. Mileage: 432.

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